salted cashew butter

creamy salted cashew butter covered in dark chocolate

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1 box includes 6 packs of 3 bombs each

Our smooth, indulgent and creamy salted cashew nut butter bombs dipped in dark chocolate create the perfect blend that delivers a rich flavor that makes anytime your time with a chocolate nut butter dessert that rewards all of your senses.

Nestle Rallies' nut butter bombs let you choose from 3 great nut butter recipes that give you the chance to take time for yourself with a smooth & decadent experience with all of the flavor & indulgence with none of the preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Choose from our creamy salted cashew, fulfilling peanut or almond nut butter bomb desserts paired with the perfect flavors and dipped in chocolate to make a treat that arrives chilled to preserve freshness and flavor for the perfect personal reward.

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Alisa S.
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I eat healthy most of the time, but I also like my sweets! I like that these are a treat, but not too sweet. I don’t mind having them because it’s like I’m having just cashew butter (yum!) and chocolate and nothing else. I keep the box in the fridge and can have one or all three in the pack when I need a little treat. 10/10